CO2 Flooding System

CO2 Flooding System (Fire Suppression System)

Why Carbon Dioxide?

Carbon Dioxide is an effective suppression agent applicable to a wide range of fire hazards. Carbon Dioxide works quickly, with no residual clean up associated with a system discharge which translates into minimal business interruption.

Other benefits of CO2 flooding system includes:

  • Fast and Effective
  • Electrically non-conductive – can be used on every electrical installations
  • Also effective on flammable and combustible material in a contained areas
  • Approved for Class A, B & C type of Fires.
  • Environment friendly
  • It can be used in total flooding and local application system.

Applications of CO2 flooding system:

  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Tank areas
  • Electrical sub-stations
  • Control rooms
  • All confined areas