Fire Bus

Standalone Fire Alarm

The Fire Bus is primary battery operated self-contained fire alarm. Fire Bus is primarily based in small or temporary building, such as small industrial units, shops or building site offices. Each unit will operate in standby mode in excess of twelve months, and in the event of a low battery, an audible warning emits giving considerable notice to the user. (Recommended battery type 12V 1.3Ah SMF). The Fire Bus has the electronic sounder and a 4” adaptable audible signal. More than one Fire Bus may be interlinked with other so that one unit, if activated, via a break glass call point &smoke detector, will activate all the other units throughout the building.

Technical specifications:

  • Technology : CMOS
  • AC supply : 230V ± 10%
  • Operating voltage : 12V DC
  • Battery : 12V 1.3Ah SMF.
  • Fuse : DC 1.0, Bat. 1.0 Amp.
  • Charging voltage : 13.3V
  • Charging temp : 15oc to +55oc
  • Audibility : 135dB at 1 Mtr.
  • Frequency : Warble – 800/1000 Hz
  • Color : Post Office Red
  • Case                                       : 18 SWG
  • Weight : 2.7 Kg
  • Dimension : 290 (H) x 107(L) x 90(D)
  • Wiring : 2 Core for MCP/ Smoke Detector/
  • Interlinking with other Fire Bus